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Bionic Adaptive Stretchable Materials for Wave Energy Converters

Welcome to the BASM-WEC project website

A project which takes inspiration from the fins of marine animals to design flexible material Wave Energy Converters is one of two led by Strathclyde to be awarded a share of £7.5m funding. We are developing and testing cutting-edge new wave energy technologies to help the UK achieve its Net Zero goal.  As one of a total of eight projects, supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation, we will build on the UK’s leading role in marine wave energy to overcome challenges to develop devices that capture the energy generated by waves and convert it into a renewable source of electricity.

Project Overview


Flexible material for
Wave Energy Converter


£1 million


3 Years 


12. November 2021


Flexible tube WEC modelling

Anaconda WEC concept is a typical flexible tube WEC. Compared to a flexible OWC WEC, it is able to absorb wave energy within a wider…

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Flexible OWC WEC modelling

To validate the developed FSI analysis tool, a flexible OWC WEC device, Poly-A-OWC, is chosen as the analysis object. It’s a point absorbed WEC. The…

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Structured membranes

We are proposing Elastomeric structured membranes to increase the survivability of the devices through stiffness percolation of the structured layer. We have analysed different patterns…

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