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Anaconda WEC modelling

Anaconda WEC concept is a typical flexible tube WEC. Compared to a flexible OWC WEC, it is able to absorb wave energy within a wider range of wave frequencies. Bulge wave, induced by the pressure difference inside and outside the tube wall, is the hallmark phenomenon in the process of energy conversion of flexible tube WEC. 

The main objective of the numerical modelling is to capture this phenomenon. At this stage, the passive deformation of the tube can be clearly observed (Fig. 1). Non-linear wave due to the wave-structure interaction is also captured (Fig. 2). From the time history plot of tube’s cross-sectional area shown in Fig. 3, we can conclude the bulge wave is successfully captured.

Fig. 1 Flexible tube deformation

Fig. 2 Wave-structure interaction

Fig. 3 Time history of tube’s cross-sectional area