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Small water tank test

This test was performed for some goals such as:

  • Being familiar with the experimental setup, lab environment, measurement instrumentation and data processing.
  • CFD validation
  • Using the Qualisys system and being familiar with data processing.
  • Starting the nondimensional study.

The following figure shows the OWC device (with 20 cm diameter and 1 m height) set up in the small water tank. Due to the limitation in the pressure inside the OWC, Latex is put on the top of the device. We used two different types of Latex with different material properties and thicknesses to study non-dimensional analysis.

At first, as a checkpoint, three experiments with Latex at the top of the air chamber, open lid and rigid lid are done.

Also, in the following figures, the results of the RAO for different frequencies and wave amplitudes and validation of